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Why Is My AC So Loud?

July 22, 2021 | Blog

While your HVAC system is working overtime to keep you cool as temperatures outside continue to rise, the sound of a loud AC may not be the most comforting sound of summer. If you can no longer hear the sound of crickets at sunset, then use these helpful tips for a quiet AC. 

Normal Noises

If an outdoor air conditioning unit is making a louder noise than a slight humming while turning on and off then it is in need of maintenance. Usually, it takes a decade for an AC unit to become so noisy, but there are a few reasons it might become too loud before then listed below.

Location is Key 

When building your dream home, there is an endless list of dos and don’ts that may seem overwhelming. The easiest way to approach your HVAC unit is consulting a professional to install the system in a convenient spot in order to minimize the noise. Air Clinic SA can not only guarantee proper installation but also ensure that the size of your air ducts are not too small throughout your home. 

A professional will take this into consideration, but always remember to pick a spot for an AC unit that is on flat land away from your main living area. Otherwise, your AC may be loud due to proximity.

Check for a Brushless Blower Motor 

In an AC unit, a blower motor blows the cool air through the vents in your home. It not only circulates the cool air, but also ensures that the air is the same temperature entered into the thermostat. When compared to a blower motor with a brush, the brushless motor has permanent magnets that do not need to be charged. In simpler terms, the brushless motor can start and speed up while it is working which creates less noise altogether. 

Indoor Vent Complications 

There are some things that can get caught in indoor ducts or vents which can cause excessive noise throughout your home. Dander, dust, hair, and even small animals can get stuck, causing an airflow obstruction. Calling a professional for AC repair can help diagnose the problem and minimize the noise. Regular dusting around the home can limit the number of materials getting stuck in the air ducts or vents. 

Outdoor Unit Complications 

There could be multiple reasons why excessive noises are coming from an outdoor HVAC unit and the type of sound can point you or a professional in the right direction:

  • Squealing: This could mean there is an excessive amount of internal pressure in your AC unit which means you need to turn off the unit immediately and call Air Clinic SA to solve the problem. 
  • Hissing: This could be a refrigerant leak, which is dangerous to humans and animals. The leak could be caused by corrosion of copper tube walls, factor defect, improper installation, weakened joints, wear of tube walls or vibration. If you cannot identify a hissing sound, a result of a refrigerant leak is inefficient cooling and needs to be inspected immediately. 
  • Buzzing: This indicates an electrical issue with a part of the unit and needs to be repaired by a professional. 

There are many things you can do at home in order to prevent premature HVAC unit maintenance, but if something seems off — either inside or outside — call a professional immediately. 

Staying cool and comfortable is Air Clinic SA’s top priority for your summer, so let us handle the mysterious noises coming from your unit at any hour with our 24/7 emergency services. Contact us today to begin your service request.

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