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Why is My AC so Loud?

September 13, 2021 | Blog

Hearing a loud or strange noise coming from your AC might be a cause of panic and stress. But don’t worry, the problem could be simpler than you think.

Here at Air Clinic SA, we’ve seen it all. AC noises don’t necessarily mean a costly repair, but could simply be a sign that your unit needs a tune-up. Here are some common reasons why your AC is loud and how you can fix it.

Deteriorating Isolation Padding

New air conditioning units will come installed with isolation padding. This padding absorbs the noise created by the air conditioner, particularly the fan. Over time these pads will deteriorate and break, making the air conditioner louder.

You can replace these pads fairly easily. They are typically sold at home improvement stores or hardware stores. Make sure you take some measurements and buy the proper pads for your air conditioner.

Debris Caught in Fan

If you ever hear a sudden loud noise coming from your air conditioner, then more than likely a piece of debris has been caught in the fan. Because AC units are mostly outside, and often around shrubs and bushes, it’s fairly common for debris to get caught in the unit’s fan.

It’s best to inspect the unit regularly to make sure nothing is obstructing the air conditioner. If you find debris has been caught in the fan, turn the air conditioner off and remove the debris. Reaching within your unit’s fan mechanism can be potentially dangerous – please exercise great caution. If you have any hesitation as to your safety, contact a professional HVAC team to take care of your debris removal.

Loose Fan Blade or Coil

After extensive use, parts inside the air conditioning unit may loosen. A sign that this is happening is the AC unit could be making a pulsating noise.

Luckily this is an easy fix. Simply turn off the AC and investigate the fan and coil. If you find that they are loose, screw them back into place. Once again, your safety is of the utmost importance to us at Air Clinic SA. Please use caution, and if you have any concern that your unit may not have turned off completely, contact our office to schedule a tune-up from one of our licensed technicians.

Condenser Malfunction

The AC condenser is the outdoor piece of the air conditioner that releases or collects heat, depending on what time of the year it is. It’s not uncommon for the condenser to start having issues as the unit grows old and worn. If you hear a very loud banging from the AC, then it might be a condenser issue.

You can investigate the issue yourself by removing the condenser cover. If you see lots of debris in the condenser then this is likely the issue. If you also happen to notice any loose screws, this could also be the cause. If you find the noise is continuing, then you should call an HVAC expert to investigate further.

Worn AC Belt

If you ever hear a squealing noise coming from your air conditioner, then you might want to investigate the fan belt. Over time, the fan belt will deteriorate and even break, especially in older models. High humidity, like what we experience in San Antonio, can also cause the belt to wear out even faster.

Unfortunately, this won’t be an easy fix. If you suspect the issue might be from the fan belt, it’s best to call an HVAC expert to replace it.

Failing Motor

One of the key parts of any air conditioner is the motor. If you have any reasons to suspect that the motor is failing, then it’s best to call an HVAC specialist as soon as possible. You might be able to infer that the motor is having issues if you hear a loud rattling noise coming from the AC unit.

It’s possible that some debris is caught somewhere in the motor but the problem could be much more serious. If the unit is past the ten-year mark, then you might find out that it would be better to replace the unit than to try and fix it.

If you find out that you’re going to need to replace your air conditioner, then don’t hesitate to call Air Clinic SA. We can help pick out the perfect air conditioner and install it with integrity and precision. Need a repair? We’ve got you covered. Each member of our team is NATE certified and trained, so you can be assured that any issue with your air conditioner will be properly diagnosed.

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