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What is Ductless AC?

April 22, 2021 | Blog

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that San Antonians need their air conditioning to be reliable and cool during these hot months we face. Although traditional HVAC is still widely used across the area, traditional AC alternatives are becoming more and more popular in South Texas for their adaptability and efficiency.

Air Clinic SA wants you to be fully aware of all your options when pursuing the most efficient air regulation system for your home. If you are weighing ductless AC vs traditional AC systems, here are some great factors to take into consideration.

How Are Ductless AC Systems Different?

If you’re not familiar with how ductless units work, it is a simple concept. They use the same components that traditional units use to cool and dehumidify air, but instead of having a centralized air handler that is responsible for the entire home, ductless air handlers attach straight to the wall in specific rooms of the home.

Due to this design, your air is no longer pushed through the ducts and vents to reach your living spaces, it is delivered directly out of the air handler into the space. This process reduces inefficiencies that traditional HVAC systems might see in energy loss through duct holes and leaks. Some of the other benefits of these systems are:

  • Adaptable design
  • Smaller size
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility costs
  • Higher comfort
  • Lower environmental impact

Can Anyone Get A Ductless AC System?

While any homeowner is perfectly welcome to invest in a ductless AC unit, there are some instances that work out best for this kind of air regulation. Whole-home ductless systems do exist with multiple air handlers and clever ducted/ductless combinations. The more popular choice for many San Antonio homeowners is to use ductless units for specific heating and cooling needs.

Add-ons/ Guest Suites

If you have added on a space to your home or have a detached guest suite that is not connected to your home’s network of air ducts, it can be a big hassle to get consistent air to that space. This is a great situation where ductless AC can really benefit you. A ductless unit can be installed in one room to fill that gap that your existing ductwork has left. Plus, it is individually controlled and can therefore only be used when you specifically want it.

Homes Without Duct Infrastructure

Some older homes have never had an HVAC system installed. If you purchase an older home, AC might be your number one priority to figure out. You can choose to install an entire network of ducts if the home allows for it. However, you could also choose to use a ductless system to cut down on the expense that ductwork installation would cost you.

Hot and Cold Rooms

When your ducted system was installed it could have been completed inadequately, leaving some rooms, such as garages or sunrooms, dealing with more heat than you’d like. Ductless units are a great addition to spaces like this and don’t require you to mess with your existing ducts.

Interested in Going Ductless?

If you’re interested in learning more about your ductless AC options, count on the best San Antonio HVAC company to lead you through the process. Air Clinic SA is an experienced team of air specialists that will make sure your home is a great fit for ductless and help you throughout the entire process, including ending your search for a ductless AC install company that will leave you completely satisfied. Contact us today!




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