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Air Cleaners

Air Filtration Solutions You Can Trust

While many people are concerned about the quality of the air we breathe outdoors, we often forget that indoor air quality is just as important — if not more.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend about 90% of our lives indoors breathing the air circulated from the HVAC system. Installing a proper air filtration system in your home protects your family from harmful pollutants and keeps your HVAC system clean.

At Air Clinic Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer a variety of air cleaners to fit your needs. Contact Air Clinic to learn more about your indoor air quality options.

Experienced Indoor Air Quality Professionals

While many HVAC companies have limited air quality options, Air Clinic specializes in products that protect against pollutants. Common air pollutants that air cleaners protect against include:

  • Mold and bacteria
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Chemical particulates
  • Outdoor pollutants

Air Clinic has been recognized as one of the best and most experienced HVAC companies in Central Texas, and we are proud to provide San Antonio area residents with high-quality solutions to improve the air in their homes.

Standard Air Filters

Standard filters, as the name denotes, are designed to coincide with the industry’s average-sized fans. They prevent dust, dander and other particulates from entering your HVAC system and causing problems. They also keep them from being blown back out into the rest of your home. These filters are available in a variety of circle, square and rectangle shapes and sizes, and they can be customized to fit your specific case.

Media Filters

The EPA estimates one cubic foot of indoor air can have as many as 30 million harmful pollutants. This can trigger situations like allergies, lung irritation and headaches, to name a few. Media filters, unlike standard filters, focus on improving air quality (rather than simply keeping the HVAC system clean) by filtering out much smaller particles.

Media filters are made of a deeply pleated, paper-like material that filters out dust, chemical particulates pollen and more. At Air Clinic, we offer Trane Perfect Fit™ media filters, which:

  • Are 15x more efficient than your average filter.
  • Filter 100% of air, cooled and heated.
  • Work with almost all HVAC equipment and systems.

Don’t let the size of a media filter fool you. While they may look small, these filters are compacted into multiple pleated layers that take up dozens of square feet when stretched out. Because they are compacted and made of a tight-woven material, media filters can reduce airflow if you don’t choose the right filter for your HVAC fan’s capacity. Contact Air Clinic if you’re unsure of which size filter to get, and one of our friendly professionals will help you on your way to improved air quality.

Electronic Air Cleaners

The most effective way to keep hair, pet dander, dust, dirt and other particles from building up on your HVAC equipment is by installing an electronic air cleaning system. These are installed as a part of your central system, and electronic air cleaners are hidden from view and are completely silent. They trap larger particles in a prefilter, then electrically charged filters attract and trap smaller particles. The result is clean air distributed throughout your home via your ductwork system — so the benefits of your air cleaner reach every room in your home.

Reliable Home Air Cleaner Services

All of our technicians are NATE certified and experienced air quality professionals. We are dedicated to providing high-quality indoor air solutions with upfront pricing. When they need home air cleaners, San Antonio residents choose Air Clinic.

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