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When Is The Best Time For An AC Tune-Up?

We San Antonians know that unlike other parts of the country, we need cool air in our homes for at least eight months out of the year – and our heaters the other four! That means that our AC systems are experiencing stress, wear and tear throughout the entire year. Our climate can be especially hot during the summer, and it becomes a necessity to have an HVAC system in good working order to keep us cool.

So, how do you ensure that your system will be capable of fending off those rising temperatures? If you’re ready to schedule that beneficial AC maintenance your system needs, count on Air Clinic SA to be ready to help. Our team of HVAC specialists have all the information for when and why AC tune-ups are most beneficial to your AC unit.

When Should You Get An AC Tune-Up?

The golden rule when it comes to AC maintenance is that your unit should be evaluated at least once a year for maximum efficiency. Within that 365-day time span a wide range of parts can wear down or break, slowly causing your unit to run less effectively and possibly form more serious problems.

As for a specific time during the year that you should schedule AC maintenance, spring is the top recommendation by our HVAC professionals. You count on your AC system most during the summer, so it makes sense to check out the function in the spring months before you really need your system in prime condition. Plus, HVAC technicians are more likely to get emergency AC calls in the summer, filling up their schedules and availability. Stay ahead of your cooling needs and schedule your appointment when the trusted Air Clinic SA technicians are available!

It’s also worth mentioning that a tune-up during another part of the year is much better than no tune-up at all. If you don’t have time this spring or forget to make your appointment, get your service on the books whenever you can. It will still help your home’s AC efficiency and comfort.

How Does Seasonal Weather Affect Your AC?

There’s a reason why we recommend an AC tune-up before the summer – and a heater tune-up before winter. The change in seasons also brings an increase in temperatures. Extreme temperatures may be no fun for you to be out in, but when you escape to your home for a cool break, your AC also has to combat the heat.

The way your AC works is it draws the air from your home into the outdoor unit and removes the heat from your air before returning it to your home. This heat taken from your air is pushed outside the unit, but when the temperatures outside are also extremely hot, your AC has trouble expelling heat and keeping the air inside cool for your home. This causes your unit to work twice as hard to achieve the desired temperature.

Another thing San Antonio is no stranger to is humidity. Your air conditioner is designed to remove moisture from your air while it is cooling it. While battling the heavy heat outside, the unit also must contend with extra dense air full of humidity. The extra heat and moisture in the air means the system might take longer and use more energy to provide your home with cool air.

Ready To Schedule AC Maintenance?

AC tune-ups are a perfect time to give your AC unit some much needed TLC before the harsh work of the summer. If you want to keep cool during the hottest months of the year, depend on the expert HVAC contractors at Air Clinic SA. We’ll get the job done right and make sure you’re comfortable all year long. Contact us today!

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