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4 Home Efficiency Tips

Contrary to popular belief, the AC unit is not the only system in your home that affects your air temperature, regulation and quality. There are many factors that determine how easy it is to cool your home and keep it cool. Once you are informed on all the ways your home heats and cools, you can be better prepared to make changes that will skyrocket your San Antonio home efficiency.

Air Clinic SA wants you to feel as comfortable as possible while maintaining an energy efficient home – for the benefit of both the environment and your wallet! Our HVAC specialists know several tricks to lowering your energy usage without sacrificing comfort. Read on to learn some of the simple efficiency tips that could change your home for the better.

Partner the Thermostat and Ceiling Fans

Your AC output and your ceiling fans can be highly beneficial to each other if you know how to use them. Ceiling fans are not a source of actual cooling energy, but they can affect the feeling of the air in your home. By using a wind-chill effect, fans can cause your air to feel cooler than it really is.

For example, if the air in your home is at 72 degrees, fan movement can make it feel like 68 degrees. This can benefit you because you can set your thermostat to a higher temperature and not lose any comfort. A thermostat in the upper 70s may not be how you want your air to feel, but with fans working to circulate and move the air across your skin, it will feel like 72 degrees.

Not only does this allow you to not change the thermostat every time you feel hot, it gives your AC a break from the extra stress of producing cool air in extreme temperatures. This means your unit will not use so much energy every month.

Window Shade Solutions

Another source of heat that many homeowners overlook is their windows. Windows can allow enormous amounts of heat to enter the home and raise the temperature that your AC is working so hard to maintain. Implementing some type of sun shade into your windows can significantly reduce the heat intake from your windows. Options like blinds, window tint, screens, solar shades and even automatic shades that can roll up out of the way can be options to look into.

Shop For Energy Efficient Appliances

While the team at Air Clinic SA knows it’s not logical to expect every home to use energy-efficient appliances right away, it is a good thing to keep in mind. When your appliances do break down or it’s time to replace them, take into consideration energy efficiency when you are shopping for a new unit. This is particularly important when replacing your AC unit because the air conditioning system in your home can be responsible for up to 25% of your monthly energy consumption.

AC manufacturers and brands are taking energy efficiency seriously, and you should have no problem finding the efficiency rating on the model you are looking at. Ratings like this are usually called the SEER, and they determine how well your system will work while using a certain amount of energy.

AC Maintenance

Another great way to boost your efficiency is by scheduling annual AC tune-ups with trustworthy HVAC contractors like Air Clinic. Preventative maintenance allows your unit to be completely evaluated and updated to ensure it is running as efficiently and effectively as it possibly can. While this will help you stay comfortable and avoid major problems in the future, it also allows your unit to get the attention it needs to perform better.

Air Clinic SA recommends your air conditioner be inspected and maintained every single year to make sure everything is in working order and you can expect quality air conditioning.

Need To Schedule AC Maintenance?

If you need help implementing any of these energy efficient practices into your home, don’t hesitate to call on Air Clinic SA. Our team is well-trained and experienced in all matters concerning your air. When you need San Antonio AC maintenance or air regulation services, give us a call!

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