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Why Do ACs Break Down In The Summer?

As any native San Antonian knows, our summers have a way of beating everyone down – including our air conditioners! Why does it seem like your AC always needs repairs right in the middle of those sweltering summer months? It’s inconvenient and leaves your home miserable until a reliable HVAC technician can figure out how to fix it.

Not only does Air Clinic SA know exactly how to get your unit back up and running in record time, we also know why your AC struggles so hard in the summer. Using our many years of experience as a top AC repair company in the area, we want to share our observations with you so that you can prevent as much discomfort as you can.

Dirty Air Filters

We’re sure you’ve heard that you’re supposed to change out your air filters throughout the year, but let’s be honest, we all forget about it from time to time. Whether or not air quality is important to you, changing your air filters actually does more to help your AC system. When air can’t flow through the filters because they are clogged with dust and dirt, the AC will begin to struggle to cool and push air towards its destination.

During the summer, your AC is already working harder than it usually needs to in order to block the heat outside from affecting the cooling process. The extra strain you put on your system by not changing the air filters can actually cause it to malfunction and need an air conditioner repair.

Closed Air Vents

You may be aware of the vent closing technique that supposedly keeps your chilled air running to specific parts of your home. While this may direct all the air to certain rooms in your home, this practice can be extremely damaging to your AC system. 

Your HVAC system was specifically chosen and installed to provide for the load of the entire home. It can’t adjust to produce less air than it needs to, so it is pumping out enough air to cool all of those rooms that are closed off, except the air can’t flow where it’s supposed to. The air sucked out of each room is what passes over your evaporator coils and starts to cool. If your evaporator coils are not coming into contact with enough warm air because those rooms are closed off, they will likely freeze. Frozen coils almost always lead to your entire AC unit shutting down.

Alternate Heat Entering Your Home

As you know, the summer heat is intense in South Texas, and your air conditioner struggles just like we do. The main purpose of an AC is to absorb heat and moisture from your indoor air and expel it outside. It can be really difficult for your AC to consistently keep your air cool if it is having to battle heat at the source of the cooling process AND the extra heat entering your home.

It is key to make sure that your AC system has help and doesn’t take the brunt of the work, or else you’ll be looking at air conditioner repair in the middle of summer. Some ways you can help your AC face the heat are:

  • Close your curtains or blinds
  • Install solar shades across large windows
  • Limit your use of heat producers like the oven
  • Use fans to circulate the air
  • Set your thermostat reasonably and be patient

Does Your AC Need Professional Repairs?

Even the most prepared home can still fall victim to the rising temperatures. If your AC breaks down or needs repairs, depend on the premier San Antonio air conditioning repair company for all your AC needs. Our team will have your unit up and running quickly and keeping your home frosty in no time. Schedule your appointment today!

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