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Most Common AC Repairs in San Antonio

In San Antonio, our AC systems feel like the only thing between us and the boiling summer sun outside. We can’t afford to have broken air conditioners when we’re facing the heat, and that means having a dependable HVAC contractor ready to make the efficient repair your cooling system needs to get back to work.

At Air Clinic SA our team of specialized AC technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality air conditioning repair services to the area. We believe that includes informing you of our community’s most common air conditioner repairs and the four main areas that could cause your AC problems.

Electrical Malfunctions

There are several electrical components in your AC system that make the cooling process possible. If any of these parts malfunction or short out, you could be facing a major problem. The following are the most likely electrical components to fail and need repair:

  • Capacitors – These units store energy that is used to power the mechanical pieces inside the air conditioner. As the capacitors lose their ability to hold energy in store, they may need to be replaced or repaired to allow the system to function.
  • Transformers – Transformers help increase or decrease voltage of electricity. They are often damaged during a power surge.
  • Relays and Sequencers – These switches are timed to control how long components like the blower fan run. If one of these switches is stuck, your system will be out of sync and may require a repair to keep your blower from running all day.
  • Contactors – This electromagnetic switch is used to pass heavy duty voltage to the mechanical systems in the unit.

Mechanical Malfunctions

The moving parts inside your AC unit are important to making sure the air is sufficiently cooled and moved where it needs to be. Without an integral mechanical component working, your entire system could be useless or inefficient. Here are some of the common AC mechanical failures:

  • Compressor – The compressor technology is responsible for moving refrigerant between its liquid and gaseous state. If your compressor is broken you will likely experience warm air blowing from your air vents because the air can’t go through the proper cooling cycle.
  • Blower Motors – Blowers are the fans that help push the chilled air through your ventilation system and out your vents. Without an efficient blower, your cold air could just sit in the air ducts and not be of any use to you.
  • Dampers – Dampers control the flow of air through their ducts by closing, partially opening or remaining fully open.

Chemical Malfunctions

The number one chemical malfunction that can occur with your AC system concerns refrigerant. This liquid is responsible for the cooling process your air experiences before it is sent back into your home. When refrigerant levels are low or leaking, it can cause your system to deliver warm air to your home. A certified HVAC technician has to be the one to repair this problem because refrigerant is very dangerous when exposed to skin, eyes and lungs.

User Error

By far the most common mistake that homeowners make is setting their thermostat incorrectly. Either at the time of first use, or any other time when you don’t fully understand your thermostat, make sure to read the manual. Thermostat settings are what tells your AC how to run, so any errors made while setting temperatures can affect your comfort a great deal.

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