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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home [Blackout Edition]

Specifically in Texas, our communities are at higher risk of power outages. Here in San Antonio, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a summer day without our trusty air conditioners. With triple digits almost guaranteed, our homes can really start to suffer under the Texas sun. How can we prepare for the possibility of blackouts?

Air Clinic SA is here for all your AC needs — and that includes when you don’t have air conditioning at all! Our team wants to share our professional advice on the best ways to get your home ready for loss of electricity. 

Limiting Heat

Your biggest enemy when the power goes out is heat. The most important thing you want to be able to do is limit the amount of heat that is entering your home because your AC is not circulating that hot air and replacing it with cold. 

Blocking Light

Solar light is a huge source of heat. If you have not already invested in some type of window covering — such as curtains, tine, screens or blinds — you should consider it. If you are thinking ahead of time, planting trees or installing awnings are other great options for blocking sunlight through your windows.

Implementing shade options for your windows is a great way to ensure a power outage doesn’t affect your home as much. Plus, your home can benefit from this energy saving technique all year long!

Sealing Cracks

Another way to make sure you have complete control over the heat entering your home is sealing up the creases in your windows and doors. Use some store-bought caulk and weather stripping to seal up those cracks. This way you know all of that precious cool air is staying inside your home where it can benefit you!

Ventilating Heat

The next most important thing to do with the heat in your home is expel it! As hard as you work to keep cool air inside, a blackout will automatically start heating your home. The good news about heat is it rises. This means your attic will likely collect the majority of the heat in your home. However, you don’t want it to stay there and seep back into the living spaces. 

Make sure your attic has proper ventilation gaps and fans to move that air out of your home — even when you lose electricity!

Stop Producing Heat

While heat may seem unavoidable, there are some strategic ways you can reduce the heat production in your home until the power is restored.


Your electricity may be out, but if you have battery-powered cooking options like camp stoves, only use them outside. If you decide to cook, use outlets or grills on your patio or exterior of your home. Keeping heat production to a minimum is key to staying cool in your home without AC.


You also should plan to keep a healthy diet — especially during extended power outages — but eating starts the digestion process, producing heat in your body. This means it’s a better idea to eat small snacks throughout the hottest part of the day to limit your body’s heat production. 

Get Your AC Running Again!

Of course, the best way to get your home feeling cooler again is to regain the use of your powerful AC! If your air conditioner is not running properly after your power is restored, it could have been damaged in the blackout. Count on your team at Air Clinic SA to be there for any and all AC repairs you need after a power outage. Give us a call today!


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