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5 Signs It’s Time For Professional HVAC Repair

Here in San Antonio, our cool air is extremely important to us, and we never want to deal with a completely broken AC system when our weather is so hot most of the year. That means we have to be extra diligent about recognizing any abnormalities in our air conditioning systems. Knowing what to look for in your cooling system could save you a lot of hassle later.

Air Clinic SA is committed to helping our customers however we can, and that includes keeping you as informed as possible about your air conditioner. As experienced HVAC specialists, we’ve compiled some of the main signs your AC may show when it needs an HVAC repair.

Lower Air Quality

Any significant change in the quality of your air that repeats itself regularly is cause for concern. When you set the desired temperature on your thermostat, you should receive crisp, cool air through your vents. A big indicator that your AC needs some attention is warm air coming from your vents instead of cool. This isn’t normal and should be addressed right away.

Another aspect of your air you may notice is how humid it feels in your home. Your air conditioner is responsible for sucking moisture out of your air as well, so humid indoor air is not a great sign. The last quality to keep an eye on is the flow of air from your vents. You should always feel a strong consistent breeze of air when your AC is working. Areas with less airflow could need ductwork attention to maximize the delivery of air to your living spaces.

Broken Thermostat

If your thermostat is malfunctioning or broken, you need to call for a thermostat repair sooner rather than later. The thermostat is like the brain of your entire cooling system. Without it there to tell the AC when to turn on and how much to cool, your unit is as useful as a big hunk of metal. The connection between the two devices must be restored to keep your home comfortable.

Increased Utility Bill

Whenever there is a sudden spike in your energy bill, first make sure you did not use extra electricity during the month in question. Summer or winter could cause you to run your heating and cooling system more often. If overuse is not the issue, your unit is suddenly using more energy than it needs to in order to reach its goal. This indicates a problem that an AC technician can pinpoint. Air conditioning service is about more than replacing broken parts. Our team also knows how to make sure your unit is running efficiently and saving you money.

Strange Scents and Sounds

Your AC may deliver dusty smelling air every now and then – especially after long periods where it is not used. However, normal air from your vents should not smell smoky, sour, musty or like any other odor. This could indicate anything from a burnt out wire to an infestation of mold and should be treated quickly to avoid more damage to both you and your system.

Similarly with noises, your AC may make some sounds upon powering up and down. You’ll usually hear the air rushing through your vents as well, but any jarring sounds like screeching, grinding or squealing are bad news. The best option is to power down your system and contact a friendly AC professional at Air Clinic SA.

Trust Air Clinic SA With Your AC Repair

Finding a dependable San Antonio air conditioner repair company can be tricky, Air Clinic SA is the answer to all your problems. Our team meets high standards of service every single day, providing excellent advice and AC repairs to all of our customers. When you need a quick and thorough solution to your broken AC, give us a call! Book your appointment to get started!

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