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4 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling Your Home

May 10, 2021 | Blog

Here in San Antonio, our air conditioners keep us from being miserable most of the year. When your AC system stops blowing that frosty air into your home, you’re likely to notice right away, but why is it happening? Is there a quick solution? Air Clinic SA can answer all your questions and make the repairs you need in no time.

Unfortunately, air conditioners not blowing cold air can be caused by several things. Nearly all of these causes of warm air blowing require an AC repair, but it’s important to recognize when professional HVAC services can help you out. The four main areas that could cause an AC to blow warm air are listed below.

Lack of Maintenance

Never underestimate the importance of AC maintenance. When your AC system is allowed to run year after year with no professional help or tune-ups, it is likely that it will develop a problem. Usually, these problems are centered around the buildup of dust and grime on essential parts of the cooling system. During AC maintenance, an HVAC contractor checks and cleans all of the following components to prevent them from causing problems later.

  • Air Filters – When you air filters remove dust and dirt from the air, the contaminants collect on the filter itself. If your air filters have not been cleaned or changed regularly, they can begin to block airflow into your home. This puts a strain on your AC unit and can cause warm air to begin flowing from your vents.
  • Condenser Unit – Your condenser unit outside is highly vulnerable to the elements and any debris. Make sure your outdoor unit is free of plants, tree branches and debris so that it can function properly.
  • Frozen Coil – The coils in your air handler and condenser unit allow the cooling process to take place. When moisture or dust is allowed to collect on the coils, they can form frost or completely freeze over. If this happens, the entire cooling process is stopped, and you might feel warm air blowing.

Electrical Complications

Your HVAC system runs completely on electricity. That means that electrical malfunctions could very easily be causing your unit to run incorrectly. The two most common electrical problems that cause warm air to come from your AC are:

  • Power Outage – If you have recently had a power outage in your home, your electrical breaker could be tripped. Locate the circuit panel and make sure there is power flowing to your unit. You can also check that your outdoor unit hasn’t been shut off by locating its ON button.
  • Thermostat Failure – The thermostat controls the entire HVAC system. Even though thermostats often use batteries, their inner components are electrical. If your thermostat is blank or won’t turn on, try changing the batteries first. If that doesn’t work, you may need a thermostat repair or replacement.

Refrigerant Issues

Refrigerant is the liquid that is responsible for cooling your air. Without refrigerant there would be no way to cool the air before it is sent back into your home. Warm air from your vents can easily be caused by a problem with your refrigeration.

  • Low Level – If your refrigerant level is too low, your air may seem like it is struggling to stay cool. A licensed HVAC technician is the only person who should take care of this problem. Refrigerant is very dangerous.
  • Leak – A refrigerant leak can also cause warm air to blow because the necessary cooling agent is leaking out of your system. Again, only a certified technician should repair this problem to avoid safety hazards.

Incorrect AC Installation

AC installation sets the tone for the AC’s performance for years to come. Any problems or undependable AC contractors may end up causing problems for you later on – like warm air out of your vents.

  • Mistakes During Install – Any cut corners or unreliable installation procedures could cause the AC unit to run incorrectly or develop problems. Contacting certified installers will be the best way to rectify these mistakes.
  • Wrong Size AC – If your AC installation company did not advise you on the most appropriately sized AC, your unit could be too small for your home. This could be why it is struggling to keep blowing cold air when it doesn’t have the capacity to keep up with the demand.

Need Expert AC Repair?

When your AC is blowing warm air, the best thing to do is find a top-quality San Antonio AC company to get the job done right. Air Clinic SA is proud to provide the best service to our customers, and we are dedicated to quick and effective AC repairs. Contact us today for assistance with your AC services!

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